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Vision, Courage & Heart: a book for all seasons

The people who have read and enjoyed Vision, Courage & Heart, then written to tell us about it, are a diverse audience. While author Bob Lynn wrote it as a leadership book for photo operation managers, it has also proved to be a book that speaks to a much larger audience that includes photographers, day-to-day picture editors, other people in the newsroom, visual journalism students, and even "next door neighbor" readers. So whether you work at a newspaper, an auto parts store or a candy factory, or are going to school, this book has something for you. It is full of Bob's "uncommon common sense" philosophy, advice and life's lessons. It's not about leadership and management theory. It is Bob talking to you, the reader, in his own voice about what he did day to day to bring out the very best in those working for him. You will follow Bob through his 20 years of leading two newspapers out of a visual Dark Age to light up the newspaper photojournalism skies.

If you were to ask Bob, how he achieved greatness at the Virginian-Pilot and the Charleston Gazette, Vision, Courage & Heart would be his answer. It is a candid, straight-shooting book, spiced with humor and lots of stories about how to work with and treat people. One reader said, "I really enjoyed Lynn's easy read style and frank discussions. His writing made me feel like I was sitting in a café bar or backyard barbeque talking about the subjects discussed in his book."

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