What they are saying about "Vision, Courage & Heart"

J. Bruce Baumann
Editor, retired
Evansville (Ind.) Courier & Press -

If you substitute any discipline when the term says photo department, in Bob Lynn's book, VISION, COURAGE & HEART, it becomes your path to creating greatness. Bob Lynn's book is filled with genius for everyone - at any level. From baker to candlestick maker. It will change your life.

Michel du Cille
(three time Pulitzer Prize winner)
Director of Photography, Multimedia, Video
The Washington Post -

This is a wonderful book packed with incredible advice that Bob presents insightfully. It is a road map with lessons of how to manage photojournalism, in any medium. Bob was born in this time and place to be the modern picture editor. I can only imagine how incredibly valuable this book will be to a new generation of photo editors and directors. VISION, COURAGE & HEART by Bob Lynn is a picture editor's dream story of a successful career path. What a gem.

Thea Breite
Senior multimedia editor/Video
Boston Globe -

Bob Lynn is the manager we all wish we had and the manager we want to be. Buy this book! Give it to your boss! Give it to your boss's boss! Bob Lynn shows us how to lead and run a department where you can treat people well AND motivate them to do excellent work. This is the first non-fiction book I couldn't put down.

John Rumbach
Publisher and Editor
The Herald
Jasper, IN -

Bob Lynn's passion for and dedication to photojournalism is legendary. So are his leadership, managerial and motivational skills. That's why his book is so valuable to visual editors. Bob outlines his vision for improving visual journalism and then wraps that in practical advice and personal stories. His guidance is timeless. I couldn't help but feel Bob's boundless energy while reading the book. It rubbed off on me. If you don't take anything else from the book, and that's unlikely, you will be motivated by it.

Dave LaBelle
Kent State University Photojournalism Professor -

Bob, I have finished reading your delightful book. You hit a home run. You can take great pride and comfort in knowing that you are passing something very valuable and helpful to the generations that will follow us. There is so much common sense and management wisdom that has universal application for any organization or corporation.

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